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Contents of Poreclain Giftware Shop  




We have been instructed on behalf of the Landlords Bailiffs, to offer for Sale the Contents of a Gift Shop as detailed on the attached schedule. 


Viewing Strictly by Appointment Only




White Fruit Bowl
Glass Top White Corner Table
Pedestal & Large Flower Bowl
Ornamental Vase
Large Flower, Glasstop Table
Glass Flower Photo Frame
Ornate Large Flower Bowl With Lid
Ornamental Clock With Cherub
Small Flower Table pedestal
Large Pedestal With Flower Basket
Small Table Fruit / Glass Top
Small Table Flower / Glass Top
Small Pedestal Table / Glass Top
Small Round Flower Table Blue
Pedestal and Basket Blue
Flower Pedestal And Bowl White
Small Pedestal & Bowl Flower / Brown
Small Flower Pedestal
White Pedestal And Large White Bowl
3 Small Tables Red / Black / White
Brown Coloured Planter
2x White Cherub Clock
Small White Cherub Vase
Large Blue Fruit Bowl
Pair Of Dog Ornaments White
White Planter
Black Pedestal
  Black Lamp (Hanging Blue Plate)
  Blue Planter & Lamp
  Glass T V / Hifi Stand
  Small Glass Tv Stand
  Black Glass Tv Stand
Lioness Ornament Very Large
2x Wooden Coffee Tables
Set Of 3 Candle Sticks Silver Colour
Silver Colour Candleabra
3 Silver Colour Bins
Silver Colour Tea Set
2 Silver Colour Tins
Pair Of Silver Colour Candle Sticks
Silver Colour Tray
Silver Colour Plate And Bowl
Gold Coloured Small Vase
Small Oval Bowl Silver Colour
Silver Coloured Tea Set
9 sets of 3 Candle Holders
2x Gold Coloured Vases
Large Ship Glass top table
Ornamental Urn Vase damaged
Cherub And Angel Glass Top Table
Cherub Clock
Small White Bowl
Large Blue Glass Vase
Small Glass Vase With Gold Coloured Base
White Glass Top Hand Table
Glass Fruit Bowl With Blue Base
Blue Water Pipe
Silver Coloured Horse & Carriage Table
4x Tea Sets In Blue Round Boxes
4x Wicker Vases Small &2x Large Wicker & Pot Vases
Glass Top Table With Silver Coloured Legs
White Glass Top Table
2x Cherub Vase / Oil Burner White
White Cherub Vase
1x 3 Horse Table Glass Top
Large Horse & Cart Lamp
Cherub Candelabra
Large Pedestal & Large Vase
Large Cherub Pedestal & Large Angel Vase
Large Plate & Bowl White
Small Pedestal & Large Vase (Flowers)
Large Pedestal & Medium Cherub Vase
Large Pedestal & Medium Cherub & Angels Vase
White Medium Vase - Flowers
Cherub Colum
Small Pedestal & Tall Vase - Flowers
Small Pedestal & Large Milkmaid Figurine
Small Pedestal & Male Figurine
10 Glass Holders
Milk Bowl
2 Egg Cups
11 Spoons
11 Cutlery Holders
Wooden Clock Casing
3 Trays and Planter
Vase and Dry Flowers
3 Clocks
Dry Flowers in White Pot
4 Gold Colour Vases
Coffee Maker
Ornamental Small Stand - Damaged
5 Tier Corner Stand
3 Round Sheets of Glass
13 Table Mats

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